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We need your help! QP2M is free software resealed unedr the terms of the GNU GPL licience. Which meens that it will aways be free of charge, always add-free and always open source. It also meens that QP2M will be as good as you, me and other people support it. See the below topics on how you can support QP2M.


If you are an developer that knows C++ and the Qt platform then you are more the welcome to join the project. There is a lot of things to be done in QP2M and I need help in implementing them.

Or maybe you are an software package developer? If you know how to make Win32 installable, Linux or Mac OS packages, etc. please make one for QP2M.

See projects wiki for more information.


Translate QP2M to your native language. Its easy an shouldn't take more then an hour of your time.

We also need people to translate this web site.

See projects wiki for more information.


We need testers that will try to kill, crush and destroy QP2M every time before a new release will be done :)

See projects wiki for more information.


QP2M needs an icon/logo :)

Donate cash

Donate this project to accelerate its development. I've already wrote ~6000 lines of code for free and for some small donations I can write another 6000 :P . Some of the donations will be passed to the bigest contributors.

You can donate by SourceForge: Support This Project

You can also donate directly to my PayPal account. Email: