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This tutorial is still being written :)

This is a brief tutorial on how to upload, share and download files. If you only want to see how to download files then start reading from Share files.

Create a new account

To create an new account just click "Mail Accounts"->"Create new account" in the menu.

A account creator will appear and will help you set up a new account in three simple steps.

Upload a file

To upload a file right-click on the newly created mail account an chose "Upload file" in the pop-up menu

Share files

To share files you just have to share the information about your mail account parameters which are:

  • accounts host
  • login
  • password
  • email addres

If you receive this information's then chose "Mail Accounts"->"Create new account" and type them in (skip the registration step). After your account has been created right click on it and chose "Scan mail account" from the pop-up menu to see what files are present on the mail account.

Download a file

To download a file simply right click on it and choose "Download file" from the pop-up menu.