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QP2M is an Peer 2 Mail application which means that it lets you share and store and your files via mail accounts. It work similar to other Peer 2 Mail applications but it makes upload and download really simple (see how it works) and it has some unique features.


  • upload and download multiple files simultaneously
  • manage your mail accounts
  • resume transfers after closing the application
  • available for MS Windows and Linux

QP2M is free software (as in free speech) and will be as good as you, me and other people support it. If you want to help in making QP2M better see Get involved.


Current version of QP2M is still an BETA so be aware that its not stable. Neverless I hope you enjoy QP2M :)



For more screenshots see SourceForge screenshot page

How it works

Compared to other Peer 2 Mail programs download and uploading is made really easy in QP2M. Mail accounts are shown as folders that simply contain files.

This makes downloading as easy as right-clicking on the file you want to download and selecting Download

Also upload is as easy as right-clicking on the account to which you want to upload a file and selecting Upload

For more information on using QP2M see First steps for a brief tutorial.

Screenshots of QP2M presented here have been taken on Kubuntu Linux.